Hanky Panky Festivals

Hanky Panky is a combination of all the things we love. Taking to the road with HP has given us the opportunity to combine a few more of our passions – travel, live music, creativity and the great outdoors- in a festival setting. Polly is a 1970s touring caravan, converted to allow us to take our griddle and coffee machine further afield.

There is something wonderful about festivals, a transient slice of the fun side of life: sleeping under canvas, seeing great bands, visiting cute bars and, for us, flipping lots of Scotch pancakes!

Over the last two summers, we have thoroughly enjoyed taking Polly to some lovely festivals: Underneath The Stars, Summer Strum, The Good Life Experience and Vintage By The Sea and there’s an exciting list of festivals shaping up for 2020!

Winter is busy with polishing Polly and stocking up for the road. Hope to see you sometime, someplace for more HP adventures!