• I remember weekends as a child being tasty times. My Dad was a lovely man who was very fond of scotch pancakes, he also made them beautifully. The smell of pancakes cooking would fill the house and we would hover in the kitchen hoping to get the odd one before it made it to the plate. Then we would work our way through a pile of fluffy pancakes dripping in butter and jam, leaving Dad cooking until all the batter was gone.
  • Then as life moved on, having my own children gave me the perfect excuse to continue this pancake habit. Once weaned we would cook pancakes every weekend for them (and me). This became very much part of our weekends, experimenting with sweet and savoury, fat pancakes, thin pancakes, all with an ever widening array of toppings.
  • So much so that if we were ever away over a weekend we would find a way to enjoy our pancake treat. This led to more extreme pancaking whilst camping or at music festivals. The pancakes proved particularly popular with fellow campers and festival goers. I remember one morning I tried to wriggle out of making pancakes after a late night of music loving, I told a young pancake enthusiast I was out of ingredients. Two minutes later he returned and pushed some eggs and flour under the side of our tent, luckily his Mum had some, leaving no excuse!
  • During a family holiday in Brittany, late in 2013, we were enjoying a crepe and our conversation turned to pancakes. Later that day, quite a lot later in fact, and after a beer or two, Hanky Panky Pancakes appeared whilst chatting. It was initially “Hanky Panky Pancake and Ukulele Emporium,” but we quickly felt this could present problems with signage. However this was only the beginning. Many a great idea had been pondered whilst having a few drinks and fizzled out by morning. This idea was different. It sparkled with fun and possibility, that tipsy conversation marked the start of this amazing project so full of joy, anguish, exhaustion, elation and every emotion in between.
  • I absolutely love every minute of the Hanky Panky experience and am so pleased to be working with such wonderful people and welcoming such lovely customers to HP.

    Our scotch pancake recipe is the same one my Dad would mix all those years ago and I still love it. I really hope you do too.